We are a team of clearly focused, dedicated financial advisors with over 20 years experience in the field of financial services. We work tirelessly to support the businesses, families, and individuals with whom we work. We continue to be the financial advisors of choice because we provide detailed planning and strategies through comprehensive client services, including but not limited to:

  1.  Financial planning services for businesses

    • retirement planning for business owners​

    • retirement planning for employees

    • benchmarking of retirement plans & fees

    • succession planning

    • key employee and partnership planning

  2. Individual and family financial planning services

    • development of diversification plan, including but not limited to investment portfolios, investment properties, other forms of passive income, etc.

    • collaboration with other financial professionals for 1031 exchange planning, mortgage or other funding, etc.

    • collaboration with legal professionals for proper estate planning

      • revocable/irrevocable trusts​

      • long term care planning

      • charitable trusts​

      • special need trusts

    • collaboration with tax professionals for proper tax planning​​​

  3.  Investment services, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF's, etc.

  4.  Wealth management and advice

  5.  Saving for retirement and education

  6.  Risk management – including insurances: life, disability, long term care, health,  home/contents, vehicle, and umbrella

  7.  Maximization of Social Security and/or pension

Margaret M. Koosa
CEO, Financial Advisor

As the Chief Executive Officer, Maggie focuses on developing mutually beneficial relationships with community and professional resources in order to better support the individuals and businesses with whom we work. She has exceptional drive and a strong work ethic, which help her maintain high levels of activity and unprecedented customer service.


As a Financial Advisor, Maggie's clients respond to her genuine concern for their well-being. She utilizes her intelligence, work ethic, and immense attention to details to provide high levels of activity centered around needs analysis and financial development that is proactive and non-transactional. She services the products which her clients currently have and helps them to determine if there are other areas of concern.​


Outside of the firm, Maggie enjoys philanthropy, playing competitive sports, traveling, and quality time with her family. 

Elissa Schwartz
COO, Financial Advisor

As Chief Operations Officer, Elissa focuses on working directly with business owners and individuals, ensuring that they are positioning themselves for a successful financial future through prudent investment management and diversification. Elissa is focused and client-centric, always striving to meet her client’s needs.


As a Financial Planner, Elissa takes a unbiased, holistic approach to her clients’ goals and needs. Her priority is to ensure that her clients are positioned well for the long term, managing risk and maximizing growth. Elissa’s love for analysis and plan development provides a strong backbone for her clients’ financial plans. She believes in being “product agnostic,” allowing her to develop the best possible financial plan for her clients.


Elissa has a passion for animals and cooking. Outside of the firm, she enjoys teaching people how to ride horses, training her own two horses, and spending time with her family, both human and animal!